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Tunnel lighting

The main statistics show that tunnels are overall less prone to accidents than the corresponding open-cast sections. This is due to the fact that traffic in tunnels is not exposed to meteorological factors, intersections, mutual glare and pedestrian conflict.

Entry and exit areas, if not properly lit, can become dangerous traps for road users.

Glare and black hole effect can make the driver completely unable to see a column of vehicles queuing up or other obstacles, preventing them from reacting in time. Luminance, illuminance and uniformity levels are set by regulations according to traffic characteristics, road condition and speed.

The representation to the side shows the arrangement of the luminaires according to the different luminance levels required in the gallery areas.

Reinforcement lighting should be controlled throughout the day to make entering and exiting the gallery as safe as possible. At night, the reinforcement system is switched off and the permanent system dimmed according to the characteristics of the tunnel.

The best control can be achieved by adjusting the portals with luminance probes, for instant power adjustment according to the external light level.