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From design to reality

Our pledge.

Support to lighting designers, offering one of the widest and most unique photometric portfolio, allowing simulation of the performance of our products for industrial, street and tunnel applications.

Projects developed according to the standards and maximizing the energy saving: even a small reduction of Watt per luminaire makes a difference in the long run. On request we provide a complete lighting evaluation, including a 3D model .

Economic assessment of the project, with analysis of the upfront cost, energy savings, payback time and white certificates, including the installation cost and future maintenance.

The lighting of streets, industries and tunnels is a particular functional lighting application, as the delivered performance has to meet well defined targets, set from the applicable norms, different from every area of the world. The European standards are the following:

  • UNI EN 13201 and UNI 11248 street lighting
  • UNI EN 12464 industrial lighting / work place
  • UNI 11095 tunnel lighting.


Example of the design of a tunnel entrance, with relative adherence to the design luminance curve, to ensure the maximum possible energy savings.


Example of gas station lighting.
The areas surrounding the fuel pumps and ATM columns have to maintain an average of 150 lux (EN 12464-2).

Parking lots

Lighting of a parking lot, where a very high level of uniformity is achieved and the lighting pollution towards adjacent properties must be zero.

Industrial LED Lighting

Warehouse lighting with shelving.
It is visible how the outer part of each shelf is well illuminated to ease the view of products and reading labels.

LED Streetlights

Example of a streetlighting project, specifically a suburban junction between two traffic arteries.