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Radiant 8BS

Radiant 8BS is a light fixture made entirely of AISI 316L stainless steel, mainly used at the end of the reinforcement or as a permanent fixture where values above 4cd are required. Thanks to the materials used, it is impervious to corrosive agents normally found in these environments. It allows both lateral and counter-flow inclinations.

A++ Energy Efficiency
CE European Conformity
Restriction of Hazardous Substances

Body and brackets made entirely of AISI 316L stainless steel.

Hardened glass to protect the optics and LEDs.

System efficiency >135 lm/W.

Low glare.

Wide choice of suitable optics for different placements within the gallery.

Controls available:

  • 1-10V
  • DALI
  • conveyed waves
  • Wireless (Zhaga Book 18)
LED Module Type Custom
Step Mac-Adam 3
Driver typology PHILIPS - OSRAM
Input voltage [V] 220-230V~ 50/60Hz
Overvoltage protection 10kV
Efficiency min.-max. 72 - 167
Total failure rate Tp,Tc F10 @ 100000h , <0,02% @ 1000h
Optical group lifetime [hours] @Tc L80B10 &GT;100000
Power factor >0,95
Body Material Steel AISI316L
Type of protective glass Hardened
Glass thickness 4
Color temperature 2200K - 3000K - 4000K - 5700K
Color Rendering Index (CRI) >70
Degree of Protection (EN 60529) IP66
IK Code (EN 62262) IK08
Insulation class I &AMP; II
Operating temperature [°C] -25 ÷ 40
Surface area exposed to wind [m²] Side: 0.03m² / Floor: 0.12m²
Body Color Steel AISI316L
Weight [Kg] 11
Model flow No. of LEDs current P[W] lm/w tot
64D350 10543,99853 64 350 66 159,7575534
64D400 11932 64 400 76 157
64D440 13115,15757 64 440 84 156,1328282
64D480 14168 64 480 92 154
64D500 14250 64 500 96 148,4375
64D540 15184 64 540 104 146

* With 206A optics

Dimensions [mm]:
Radiant 8BS
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